Our campsite regulations apply at all times.



  • Rest periods?
    1pm – 3pm
    10pm – 7am
  • Waste disposal?
    You can find our waste disposal regulations among the information material.
  • How do tents and caravans need to be designed?                                                  
    Tents and caravans need to be designed in such a way that they can be moved anytime.
  • Can boats be kept at the pitch? 
    No. Boats need to be kept separately. There are only two litres of combustible fluids permitted at each pitch.
  • Is the set-up of protection roofs permitted?
    This is generally permitted, but the tents and caravans still need to be moveable.
  • Fire protection: How much distance needs to be between caravans and tents?
    There needs to be a distance of 5 m. This space needs to be kept clear. Tents and caravans need to be moveable.
  • Is a gas check necessary? 
    Yes. Every caravan needs a valid gas check. You can get a gas check at the car service Kumke: Contact them at www.autoservice-kumke.de or +49 (0)4358-241 This is not just an obligation, but an important safety measure for you, your family and your neighbours at the campsite.